Lenti per Gonioscopia Ocular


Lenti per Gonioscopia Ocular

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For over 40 years they have stay focused on a single idea: to create and produce ophthalmic lenses of unparalleled sharpness and and clarity.


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Ocular Koeppe Diagnostic Lenses

The Koeppe Diagnostic Lenses use direct gonioscopy to examine the angle. The lens rests on the scleral band creating a corneal vault. Gonioscopic solution must be employed.

Ocular Three Mirror Universal Diagnostic

Three Mirror Universal Lenses provide mirrors for the examination of the fundus and the anterior chamber angle. Three mirrors of 59°, 67° and 73° are arranged at 120° intervals.
The small 59° mirror is inclined for gonioscopic procedures. It may also be used for the observation of the vitreous and the fundus near the ora serrata.
The middle size mirror is inclined at 67° to observe the peripheral fundus from the ora serrata to the region of the equator.
The largest mirror is inclined at 73° to observe the fundus from the equator to an area adjacent to the posterior pole.
The posterior pole can be observed through the central axis of the lens.

Ocular Hoskins-Barkan Goniotomy Lenses

The Hoskins-Barkan Goniotomy Lens was primarily designed for transverse goniotomy surgery with the operating microscope, but can also be used as a diagnostic lens.
The infant lens is oval and conical in shape, with a 10mm diameter magnified view of the anterior chamber and anterior chamber angle.
The premature infant lens is the same in shape and design except the dimensions are 1mm smaller for premature infant surgery.
There is also an adult size at 11.5 mm diameter.

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Lente gonioscopica diretta Koeppe small 17 mm


Lente gonioscopica diretta Koeppe medium 18 mm


Lente gonioscopica diretta Koeppe large 19 mm


Lente gonioscopica a Tre specchi


Lente gonioscopica di Barkan


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