Capsular Tension Ring

Capsular Tension Rings are indicated for the stabilization of weakened, broken, or missing zonules that are suspected or observed during cataract extraction using phacoemulsification and continuous curvilinear capsulorhexis techniques in adults.

The StabilEyes® Capsular Tension Ring is proven to reduce cataract complications (both intraoperative and postoperative), reduce the rate of vitrectomy, reduce patient follow-up visits associated with vitrectomy, and reduce the risk of explanting decentered IOLs.


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About StabilEyes® Capsular Tension Ring

StabilEyes® Capsular Tension Ring is an effective way to ensure capsular bag stability and promote IOL centration. It is an open, flexible ring design with eyelets at the open end of the ring to allow for rotation and manipulation in the bag and is available in two sizes: 12 mm / 10 mm for small eyes and 13 mm / 11 mm for large eyes.

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CTR ring capsulare monouso da 11-13mm


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