Volk Pictor


Volk Pictor

Two easily interchangeable modules provide high resolution retinal (non-mydriatic) or external eye imaging.

Volk Pictor is a truly portable digital imaging device that provides a variety of imaging capabilities with interchangeable modules. This versatile hand held device is available with the option of four key imaging modules for examination: ophthalmic – posterior and anterior segment, dermatoscopic and otoscopic.

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Improved Patient Care

Digital still and video images created with the Pictor provide accurate first diagnosis and planning for consistent follow up treatment.

Simple Integration

The Pictor is easily adopted into daily examination routines. Connecting to any patient database system providing standard jpeg image files enables fluent image data storage and sharing that may be used for consultation purposes.

Maximum Portability

Lightweight and portable, the Pictor is easily used in field conditions outside the office to examine convalescing patients and for geriatric or pediatric care. It also has an adapter to mount to a slit lamp if needed.

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Volk Pictor with Posterior Module


Volk Pictor with Posterior and Anterior Modules


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